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2022   Art Histories of a Forever War: Modernism between Space and Home, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan 

2020  Selection of NTMoFA’s Collection, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung Taiwan

2019   A Representation of the 1960s / Ink Art?, Asia Art Center Taipei I, Taipei, Taiwan

2019   Mediated Reality: Cityscapes by Photorealists, Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College, Winterpark, Florida

2019   Pursuing His Dreams, multiple locations, China and Taiwan

2017  Flying Through Time and Space, Solo Exhibition, Moon Gallery, Taichung

2016  Art Taipei International Art Fair, Yuelin Gallery, World Trade Center, Taipei

2016  Photorealism, Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, Montgomery, Alabama

2016  Gallery 456, New York

2014  Like Father, Like Daughter, with Han Yi Double Exhibition,  Fei Gallery, Guang Zhou

2014  See Wei Zhimeng - Taiwan Super Realistic Painting, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

2013  Hundreds of Places - Exhibition, Apollo Gallery, Taipei

2013  Taiwan Artists Assassin Biography, Taiwan Art Museum, Taichung

2013  Materialism, Blue Top Art Museum, Chengdu

2012  EJ Art Contemporary Art Museum, Dali  

2012  Retrospective Exhibition, Zhengda Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai

2011   Chengdu Biennale Chengdu Modern Art Museum, Chengdu

2004  Tianpeng Gallery, Taipei

2004  Hate Age, Tianshang Art Center, Taipei

2003  Shanghe Chuangku, Kunming

2003  Sixth Art Development in Taipei, Taipei City Museum of Art, Taipei

2003  Upriver Loft, Kunming

1996  Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei

1994  A Retrospective, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

1992  Eslite Gallery, Taipei

1990  Capricorn Galleries, Bethesda

1990  Dingdian Art Center, Taipei

1989  Lions Gallery, Taipei

1987  Chinese Culture Promotion Center, Hong Kong

1987  The Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture, Hong Kong

1986  Capricorn Galleries, Bethesda

1986  Central Asian Art Center, Taipei

1983  Great East River Bridge Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York

1982  O.K. Harris Works of Art, New York

1981  20th Century American Art Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo

1979  Automotive Industry Whitney Museum of Art, New York

1979  Dobrick Gallery, Chicago

1976  O.K. Harris Works of Art, New York

1976  US Two-Year Anniversary Immigration Artist Special Exhibition Hirsch Museum of Art, Washington

1974   Today's Painting and Sculpture Biennale Indiana Boris Art Museum, Indiana 

1974   O.K. Harris Works of Art, New York

1974   Seventy-first American Art Exhibition, Chicago Art Gallery, Chicago

1973   Painting and Photography, Recklingham Gallery Art Museum, Recklinghausen

1973   Gallery Henri, Washington D.C.

1973   Ori Gallery, Washington

1972  Galerie Thelen, Cologne

1971   O.K. Harris Works of Art, New York

1970   French & Company, New York

1965   National Taiwan Art Center, Taipei

1964   The 4th Tokyo International Print Biennial Tokyo Modern Art Museum, Tokyo

1962   Seventh São Paulo International Biennale, São Paulo Modern Art Museum, São Paulo

1961   2nd Paris International Youth Biennale Museum of Modern Art, Paris

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